Computer Basic Skills for Students within EUSD

Computer Basic Skills for Students Within EUSD

Technology is a huge part of our lives, but it’s changing quickly, so figuring out how to teach kids computer basics can be a challenge. Do phones count as computers? What about voice-activated assistants? When should you sit down and teach a child how to use an actual PC?

Thanks to technology, EUSD students are probably already familiar with computers. The changing nature of computers means that students’ first introduction to computers isn’t a desktop anymore, it may be a hand-held device or Lap Top.  If you’ve ever handed a young child your phone, or if your kid has ever asked Alexa to play a song, they’ve interacted with a computer.

As 21st-century learners there’s real value in teaching students how to use a keyboard and lap-top computer; they’re going to need to know how to use it for schoolwork and some activities (like taking a class online).

So what computer skills do TK-8 students learn within EUSD?  Below is the EUSD Student Technology Skills Scope and Sequence for Grades TK-8: