​National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week

On behalf of the EUSD Board of Trustees and Administration, we would like for you to join us in recognizing our outstanding school counselors.  At the February 3, 2022, EUSD Board of Trustees Meeting, the Board passed a resolution recognizing proclaiming January 31st - February 4th, 2022, as ‘School Counseling Week’.  The resolution is designed to offer gratitude for the efforts of our school counselors and focus district attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within the Empire Union School District.  The resolution also highlights the tremendous impact school counselors have in helping students achieve school success.

On a daily basis, our school counselors are actively committed to helping students explore their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents as those traits relate to awareness and development.  EUSD school counselors help parents focus on ways to further the educational, personal and social growth of their children.  EUSD school counselors work with teachers and other educators to help students explore their potential and set realistic goals for themselves.  EUSD school counselors seek to identify and utilize community resources that can enhance and complement comprehensive school counseling programs and help students become productive members of their school community.  In addition, EUSD school counselors offer comprehensive developmental school counseling programs which are considered an integral part of the educational process that enables all students to achieve success.

Please join us in thanking our EUSD school counselors by recognizing January 31st – February 4th as ‘School Counseling Week’.